Micky Hazard was a Professional Football player from 1980 -1995- most notably for Tottenham Hotspur F.C. where he was a member of the winning squad for the FA Cup in 1982 and the UEFA Cup in 1984.

Since 2006 however he has been a London Taxi Driver.
“I became a cabbie by accident. I had retired from football and was playing a lot of golf during the day and coaching for Spurs four evenings a week. I had been at a loss for something to do and ‘the Knowledge’ gave me an interest. I found I had an almost photographic memory for the routes… as time passes {I} get recognized less – the curls made me easy to spot once, but these days I keep my hair short and obviously I’ve got my back to the passengers. But if I pick up a Chelsea or Spurs supporter, they can pick me out.” First published: Four Four Two, January 2009 By Chris Hunt

The cab in question can be identified by its distinctive livery; it is sponsored by EKW Legacy Planning- a Will Writing and Estate Planning Company based in the South East. The “safe pass” referencing the taxi ride, the passage of a football and the transfer of assets from generation to generation.