Dealing with probate can be tedious and time consuming for the most simple of estates. Probate is now essential when managing an estate that has Inheritance Tax to pay, or is large or complex. And all of this has to be carried out at a time when most of us are not at our best.

Solicitors and banks typically charge a flat fee (usually between 1% to 7%) of the gross value of the estate and then additional charges for time spent on the estate, letters, faxes, emails, etc.

We are able to offer a comprehensive probate service at a very competitive price because our fee is based upon how complex an estate is to manage. We think this is fair.

Our fee typically works out at 1.5% of the gross estate, subject to a minimum fee of £1,250+vat.

We are regularly invited to undertake probate because of our expertise and our reputation for completeness.