Inheritance Tax

Having an Inheritance Tax liability without knowing it can have serious implications for those named in your Will. Your executors have to arrange for the payment of this tax before probate is granted; and some of your loved ones will be left with less than you may have originally planned.

As a normal part of our consultation with you we will check to see if you have a liability. Recent changes to the management of IHT allowances between spouses means that you no longer have to use a Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust (NRB trust). If you have an existing Will that still contains a NRB trust then we will be pleased to advise you on how to remove it and what other options may be better suited to you. Who says having a Will is dull and boring!

The downside to the new management of IHT allowances is that gaining a grant of probate has become more important than ever. Why not look at our probate service?